How to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to change your life.

Course: April 26 - 29, 2019
Total Price: £997 (£200 deposit required to guarantee your place)
Venue: Central Glasgow, TBA

In 2013 my publisher Hay House asked me to write a book on NLP. I said that if I could do it my way and write the book of what I regard as the most useful, important and insightful parts, in short what I use with my private clients to get the fast results you might have read about then yes… It was 2 years of work before that book came out, I wanted it to be my very best work. That book came out in the summer of 2015 and was instantly a bestseller!

This is the course based on my own work and journey that best selling book.

When you join me for 4 full days of training you will learn how to:

  • Feel better, without having any reason to.
  • Live with the authentic ‘edge’ for success.
  • Handle life and the unexpected with a real sense of ease.
  • Gain insights into how others think and ‘tick’ and how to change it.
  • Maximise yourself and your relationships with others.

Whether you’re already and therapist wanting to get better and get better results or whether you’re joining us for your own personal development this course is like no other.

You will not learn this anywhere else… What you will learn is based on MY work, on MY journey and what has built MY success and a life for myself and my family that I never dreamed was possible… YOU can be next.

You might already know me from my work on TV or in the press or for one of my best selling books but what you maybe don’t know is how that came about and the role NLP played in my own life.

nlp 001

Studying NLP was actually where it all began for me. I had left my ‘proper’ job to go back to being a personal trainer and through quite a few ‘coincidences’ found myself on an NLP course with Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and my now friend Michael Neill. Learning NLP was like being handed the instruction manual for my own head. I didn’t even realise that I could have peace and quiet in my mind let alone how to achieve it. NLP gave me that and I will be forever grateful to Richard and John Grinder for what they created.

Fast-forward several years… MY own practice grew and developed, as people got better faster and with more ease than ever before. My own NLP work developed and changed until I found what really works for me and for thousands of people around the world.

I call that 'NLP turned inside out' and that is what you will learn with me in Glasgow.

If you are looking for an old fashioned NLP practitioner syllabus then this is NOT it. You could think of this course as a FAST TRACK you could think of this course as being a GREATEST HITS or you could think of this course as being a whole NEW WAY of looking at the world.

There is NO FALSE STATE work here. The best ‘state’ you can be in is the most authentic you. There are lots of well know NLP patterns we will not cover, patterns that have been around for 40 years and that I just don’t use in my work. You’ll not find them in my book and you’ll not find them on the course.

What you will find is as I describe in the book ‘my version of some great old songs, which while they stay true to original are original enough in themselves and with a new ‘inside out’ perspective to add some extra value to the piece.’

It’s in that ‘inside-out’ principle that you will find the biggest difference.

NLP is a fantastic way to ‘re-set’ quickly & easily and a great
stepping-stone to living with a sense of ease and flow.

No matter where you are starting from or what you have been struggling with. If your familiar with the fields this could be described as a blend of NLP and 3 principles philosophies but whatever you call it, it works… With all walks of life and with all issues I commonly work with.

Now you can learn the secret of what I have really been doing all this time. If you were to do my 3 courses you would have the complete picture of my approaches but this is definitely a corner stone of my work and has been so for a LONG time.

No matter where you are starting from or what you have been struggling with. If your familiar with the fields this could be described as a blend of NLP and 3 principles philosophies but whatever you call it, it works… With all walks of life and with all issues I commonly work with.

Now you can learn the secret of what I have really been doing all this time. If you were to do my 3 courses you would have the complete picture of my approaches but this is definitely a corner stone of my work and has been so for a LONG time.

It has been said that I am one of the best in the world at NLP and indeed Hollywood Super Coach Michael Neill said – ‘Ali is one of the best NLPers I have seen in nearly 20 years of teaching’ so while there are thousands of people with standard NLP certificates there are NONE till now who know how to work the way I do to get the results you may have read about.

Gavin Mitchell - Actor & Comedian

I5 Hydro shows complete to over 150,000 people and none of it would have been possible without the help and support of Ali ! Thank you so much , invaluable .

Sam Waley-Cohen - Cheltenham Gold Cup Winner

Ali's a master of the mind and an essential foundation for success!

Nikki Sanderson - Actress & Glamour Model

Ali is to coaching, what Peter Kay is to comedy. Genius! He points out what's been there all along but you've never noticed.

Sally Hawkins - Golden Globe winning actress

Thank you so very much, you have a remarkable gift.

Katie Price - Media Personality, Author & Glamour Model

Ali is my miracle man, I'm cured, 1000% cured.

Kelly Rowland - R&B Superstars & X-Factor Judge

Ali is my secret weapon!

Mica Paris - Soul Singer, Actress & Presenter

Ali helped me change life long habits in no time at all.

Indeed as I write this sitting at home in Scotland we have just had a call from a middle eastern royal family who would
like 4 sessions with me in the next 3 weeks. Royalty prepared to ‘fly anywhere in the world' to work with me.

I started out working from an NHS dentists practice in Wishaw with no money but a lot of ‘want to.’ It’s taken me 12 years of study and hard graft to get where I have but YOU can take a huge shortcut when you book on this (or any of my courses) I’ll show you exactly what I do.
I’ll demo it live with you and in front of the class for everything you are going to learn, I will explain all the theory and background and you will have plenty of time to practice while myself and my assisting team of apprentices make sure you’re totally supported every step of the way.
I am proud of my career and I want to be proud of the work you will be doing when I’ve taught you what I do… That’s the pass mark I set for myself as your teacher.

Here’s what you’ll learn and be able to do…

  • Change your emotional state quickly and easily
  • Overcome fears, phobias and frustrations
  • Transform even life long habits quickly
  • Communicate to get what you want
  • Reset your internal programming to change your future
  • Heal emotional pain from your past… Fast!

What determines the lives we have is the choices we make.

NLP - turned inside out allows you to automatically make better, more authentic choices and live your optimum life AND help others to do the same.

Imagine living completely in line with what matters to you in life, getting what you want guided by your heart with fuller access to Mind and with a much more relaxed relationship with your thinking.

You’ll find yourself trusting yourself more, and with the skills and choice to shape the life you really want.

What I will teach you is how I have built my own practice and now you can too. The work you will be able to do is remarkable, worthy of remark. You will be making such a difference that people can’t help but talk about it, and you!

nlp book

Here are the specifics you’ll learn with me in those 4 information packed days!

Effortless Rapport Building

Developing rapport with the conscious and unconscious mind, you’ll learn how to really communicate at conscious and unconscious levels, enhancing persuasion skills and effectiveness in communication and being able to guide yourself and your clients to the life you want to enjoy. You’ll also be able to get what you want a lot more of the time too.

Meta Model

Meta Model was developed early in the evolution of NLP and here I stay true to source. Credit where it is due and the linguistics laid out in the meta model by Dr Bandler and John Grinder will help you to understand what's missing and what's been added by people you are talking with. You'll be able to quickly uncover the real source of the problem and even use conversational language patterns to help them to change without the need to even go near one of the old techniques.

My Cutting Edge Techniques

I’m not going to give away the secrets here but you will learn the exact techniques I use with my clients, how & why they have been adapted and developed over the years and how to use them for yourself and others. This is a HANDS ON course where you will have the chance to practice, practice practice until working with ‘NLP turned inside out’ feels like second nature to you.

Representation Systems

How they shape our lives and how to use them for the life you want.

Sub-Modalities & The Building Blocks For State & Change

And how to use and change these building blocks (often in seconds) to change the state or experience for good!

Language Predicates

Discover the “map” inside another's head by paying close attention to the ways they talk and the specific language that they use.

Cutting Edge Listening Skills And Effective Diagnostics

The ‘difference that makes the difference’ is often not in the prescription but the diagnosis. I notice more in my clients than others do and I’ll tech you to be able to do the same.

Advanced Eye Accessing Cues And Micro Reading

How to know exactly how someone is ‘wired up’ without them even speaking a word. I’ll even teach you how to tell if the memory they are thinking of is dark or light… again without them saying a word.

All Anchoring

You will learn formats for collapsing old habits and associations, things that may have held you back for a very long time and how to ‘restore factory settings,’ and keep it that way so you can enjoy and live the life you really want.

There’s more but I don’t want you to glaze over and go into trance here. There will be plenty of time for that on the course. I will teach and I will install it in you… you will be amazed at how quickly you can learn and change when I use what I’m teaching to teach you what I know.

Public attendee feedback on the last event.

Amazing four days

Totally amazing four days, Ali made the learning so easy for me and also I've never had as much fun learning and meeting so many lovely people, so happy.

Life Changing

Amazing weekend! Truly life changing

Amazing weekend

What an amazing weekend Ali! Just can't believe how much we learnt in such a short time. I didn't think I was a suitable candidate for any of your courses, but that's now two down and one to go!! Can't wait to get out there with these new found skills. Did the hypnotherapy last month and didn't think you could top that, but now I can't wait for next months treat!


Wow...just Wow. What a long tale I have to tell my friends when I get home.

The icing on my cake

I was sooooo looking forward to this course. Having completed the Hypnotherapy and Lifecoaching courses, this was the 'icing on my cake'. So nice to spend time with a positive, lovely bunch of people too x

Emotional and inspiring work

Really powerful, emotional and inspiring work. I'm feeling so privileged to have shared today with such special people and can't wait to use these tools to help others that really need it.

Life changing indeed

Life changing indeed, amazing course and even more amazing people xxx

Love rummaging inside Ali Cambell's brain

Can't believe it's the last day, love love love rummaging inside Ali Cambells brain... or more like he's in mine

Great course

Great course loved loved loved it

William McCulloch Attendee
Susan Allan Attendee
Herjinder Malhi Attendee
Irene Taylor Attendee
Ann Currie Attendee
Stephanie Holland Attendee
Jennifer Brown Attendee
Cat Knott Attendee
Joan Auld Attendee

Here’s how the course will run..

Each of the 4 days will be split into 4 teaching blocks… Each block begins with the background and theory and then a live demonstration of what you are learning. You then have plenty of time to practice with your fellow students before we all get back together again for a debrief and unpack.

We’ll do that 16 times!!!

You will learn LOADS and change lots, you will leave the course having actually helped someone make positive changes in their life.
This course is about learning and doing and you can look forward to plenty of both. You will leave feeling confident in what you have learned and fearless in how you use it…


But there’s more… This course is NLP turned inside out and so we will also be working from a very different philosophy, one which you might have heard myself or Michael Neill or Jamie Smart or Syd Banks speak about, the 3 principles. We’ll get fully into it on the course but this is different and more effective than anything else I have ever seen in 12 years at the cutting edge of personal development.

This is not just a course where you learn and leave smarter, this is a course where you learn and leave different!!

This course will book up VERY QUICKLY and SELL OUT for sure! I have not taught NLP for a long time and never LIKE THIS.. You can BOOK NOW with just a deposit but don’t take my word for it. Watch this little video and see what some of my last course had to say about the experience and how much they learned and changed in a VERY SHORT TIME.


I am so confident that this course will know your socks off that I am even prepared to make this offer… If, by lunchtime on the first day you are not happy with the course delivery or content for any reason at all then I WILL REFUND YOU IN FULL no questions asked. I am always very happy to prove my work and this is no different!

I very much doubt you’ll see that offer anywhere else. That’s how confident I am in what I will teach you! Not because I think it but because when you join me on the course you will see why every course I have taught in the last 3 and a half years has sold out and many people change there lives as a result. If you’ve not watched the video yet please do so now and then BOOK THE COURSE THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND THE WAY YOU SEE THE WORLD FOR GOOD!

PS – If you would like help with logistics, getting to Glasgow or where to stay then we are only too happy to help. Simply BOOK NOW with just a deposit and then send an email to and one of the team will help you.

PERSONAL INVITATION – If you would like to discuss the course please submit your deposit and then email me and we will set up a time to speak on the phone. If after that you decide for some reason that the course is not for you then I will of course refund the deposit. I am very happy to help in any way I can.