1. What is your Affiliate Program?
The Ali Campbell affiliate program financially rewards you for directing customers to our courses. When a course place is purchased by a customer you refer, we pay you a commission for the sale(s).

2. How do I join your Affiliate Program?
You can apply at the bottom of this page.

3. How does your Affiliate Program work?
Our affiliate program allows you to make money by referring customers to our website. You can do this by placing links, banners, course reviews, or any of the other content on your website or social media platform. Each time you refer a customer to us and that customer makes a purchase, you automatically earn a commission. As soon as the course is complete and the accounts are done you will receive your commission payments via PayPal.

4. Does it cost me anything to become an Affiliate?
It’s absolutely free to join our affiliate program. There’s no charge to apply and there’s no minimum sales requirement.

5. How much can I expect to earn?
That’s completely up to you. Your profit potential completely depends on your sales. Our standard commission rate is 10% of every sale you make.

6. Are websites outside of the UK eligible for your Affiliate Program?
Yes, we welcome applications to our affiliate program from most countries.

7. Can I promote Ali Campbell on more than one website?
Yes, absolutely. You can promote the courses across one or all of your websites and social media platforms. The more links and content you place on your websites, the more qualified visitors you’re likely to send us — and this should translate into a higher conversion for you.

8. Is my website or social media platform eligible for your Affiliate Program?
Most blogs and websites qualify to participate in the Affiliate Program. However, we reserve the right to refuse membership to a website or revoke your membership at any time, if we determine that your website contains objectionable material.

9. How do I find and use my affiliate referral links?
After being accepted into our program, you can login to your affiliate account. Once you log in, follow these steps:

Scroll down the page to the REFERRAL URL GENERATOR and paste in the URL of the event you wish to promote.

You can find the event URL by going to the specific page for the course you want to promote here at and copy all of what’s in the address bar.

It will look just like this and then simply paste it into the "PAGE URL box as shown in the image below and click "GENERATE URL" That URL is your 'special link' to promote and earn from Ali’s courses.

Your unique link / referral url will look something like...

As shown in the ticked box below..


10. Where should I place affiliate links on my website or social media profile?
You should place your affiliate links where they’re easy for your visitors to find — your website’s home page, navigation bar, and any other high-traffic areas. By placing the links on easily accessed locations, visitors will be more likely to click on your links and make a purchase.

11. My question isn’t listed. How do I get in touch with you?
Please feel free to contact us using and put “Affiliate Question” in the subject line so it’s fast tracked to the correct mailbox. We’ll usually get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your message on weekdays, and within 48 hours during weekends and holidays.